Blether is a Scottish word for communication. It’s the joy of conversation and connection, a deep talk with a new friend or a chance encounter with a stranger. Blether celebrates everything that makes humans wonderfully diverse and incredibly the same with personality driven content that engages.

owner / head avocado lover

Carmen Hutchison


Carmen launched Blether to empower business owners to take charge of their brand voice, control the narrative and actually connect with customers. She is passionate about creating content for people, not robots and believes that story telling is a powerful tool for connection.


  • Word nerd
  • Scottish accent
  • 6+ years creating marketing and social strategies for businesses around the world
  • BA degree in Communications & Public Relations
  • Advanced diploma of advertising 
  • Laughs at own jokes
  • Will laugh at your jokes too

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hooman relations pawfficer



Skills include taste testing treats, strategic napping, greeting all humans as though they are personal pat machines & barketing.


  • Labradoodle
  • Will work for food
  • Likes long walks
  • Peanut butter enthusiast

Blether is for the brave, the change makers, house shakers, risk takers – ever changing, ever adapting, ever growing.

We could be great together

Writing an about page can feel a little bit like online dating, putting yourself out there in to the world - feeling vulnerable, excited and nervous all at once. Hoping the dream person will read it and feel connected to you. It's tough, we get it. So here's some reasons to 'swipe right' on blether.

  • Years of experience crafting strategy for small to medium businesses.
  • Totally digital (we help you wherever you are - it's that easy)
  • BS free zone. No lies, no fluff & no up-selling. Just the stuff that works, for you.
  • User experience focused. Content for humans, not bots.
  • Writing is totally our jam or, Nutella, if you prefer.
  • Brand development gives us excited chills - making friends AND getting results? Win.
  • We believe in the power of your business and we help guide you forward.
  • Good peeps, even if we do say so ourselves.
  • Design & web skills to help you create magic.